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In 1990 I adopted 2 kittens, Malka & Sappho from a local farmer.  I was so pleased to have found them, as I had been without a cat for 3 years. 


Before she reached her first birthday, Malka was having health problems that led to numerous trips to the veterinarian for x-rays, surgeries and medications.  By the time she was three her health had continued to deteriorate and her disease process deepened. Her health was only getting worse and I feared I would lose her. 


Malka started seeing a wholistic veterinarian who discontinued the medications and suggested a home made diet.  This was the beginning of my journey into studying natural, health supporting, healing modalities.


Malka lived for 17 years.   Gradually, as I learned more, she healed and the latter years of her life were spent in good health.


I feel a deep gratitude to her for being my teacher pet and leading me into this journey.  Working with cats and dogs has been one of the most satisfying aspects of my career.


Auricular Medicine is used to determine the direction of treatment and where your pet needs to start in order to initiate the process of healing.  The general intention is to find the weakest link and strengthen it.  Using remedies that improve organ function also contributes to the improvement of the body as a whole.  

Optimum function equals optimum health.


The Process

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