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       What Is Disease ?



A disease, simply put, is a collection of symptoms.  Any symptom such as pain,

headache, inflammation, fatigue or itch act as a warning signal that the body is

under stress and unable to maintain optimum function of our organ systems.  

These symptoms are the result of the body attempting to heal and regulate its

imbalanced state.


       Knowing this, what Is next ?


If we recognize that our symptoms are a reflection of the body's imbalanced

state, then next, we must ask why.  What is causing this symptom ?  Which

organs are compromised ?  What underlying factors contribute to those

symptoms ?  These questions are answered by using an assessment

technique called Auricular Medicine.   Biotherapeutic drainage is the technique

used for treatment.  


       Treatment using biotherapeutic drainage. 


Biotherapeutic drainage is a philosophy and method of healing the body by

using complex potentised remedies.  Dr. Berroville, a French physician in the

late 1800's and a pioneer of biotherapeutic drainage states, "The theory of

drainage is, before all, a theory of purification of the intoxicated organism that

shows symptoms."  


The practice of biotherapeutic drainage is to reverse the process through which

the body became toxic and developed symptoms.  It begins with the use of

remedies to improve the function of the elimination organs.  By improving the

function, the body then begins to metabolize the accumulated toxins.  As the toxin load is reduced, all the organ systems can return to optimal function and the body will then become self-healing again.



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