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I started taking my 11 year old dog to Cherri Campbell in January 2015.  At that time he had developed significant hearing loss, which seemed sudden to my husband and myself.  Our vet (who we respect for her abilities and knowledge), after examination, put this down to the natural aging process but we didn’t want to give up.   We had been told about Cherri’s wonderful work with animals and decided to contact her.  


Since then we have had 3 appointments and our dear dog has simply made significant gains.  His hearing has dramatically improved (maybe now down to a more expected 20% loss) along with his energy level and interest in life again.  With the initial hearing loss (which lasted a few months) he had become withdrawn (sleeping more), less playful and less involved.  He is now more like his old self: bouncy, playful and aware of his surroundings again.  We cannot ‘sneak up’ on him anymore as he can hear us coming!   We call him from another room and he now comes as he hears us again.  He can hear us put the key in the front door again and is back greeting us at the door.  It is such a relief and pleasure for us (and for our dog) to see his progress.


On the initial visit Cherri explained that she would treat what showed up in his body as issues that need to be treated and we would then see how he responds.   Well he has responded exceptionally well.  He is now on herbal formulas to address inner ear issues and his hearing simply continues to improve along with everything else.


I cannot recommend Cherri highly enough; she is compassionate, gentle, very knowledgeable and a great listener.  Appointments with her are always peaceful, very informative, respectful and friendly. 


The Percivals 

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