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Welcome to Inner Health

Our  mission at Inner Health is to help people achieve their greatest potential by guiding them in the process of attaining true health - the freedom of body, mind and spirit.



  • Are you concerned about your health ?


  • Do you feel unwell or not like yourself but have no diagnosable health problems ?


  • Have you tried different treatments that have been unsuccessful or effective for only a short time ?



If so, then Inner Health is where you will get help finding the answers.  Cherri Campbell DiHom has been practicing Homeopathy and Biotherapeutic drainage in Whitby since 1997.



Contact Us

826 Brock St. N. 

Whitby, ON 

L1N 4J5


BN Natural Food

237 King St. E.

Bowmanville, ON

L1C 1P8


905 668 8220

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